How do you ensure correct diagnosis?

The Government is on the verge of highlighting the names of doctors who miss diagnosing patients with cancer three times.

In an ideal situation some forms of cancer are incredibly difficult to diagnose, symtoms vary from patient to patient, symptoms are similar to other more common problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The situation is not helped when a patient no longer has a relationship with their doctor, locums are used by hundreds of practices, surgeries are under pressure from all directions both financially and administratively, it is now common for patients to attend a surgey and see one of the doctors there rather than the same one each time, this means they could visit a surgery three times and see three different doctors. Normally appointment times are 8 – 10 minutes, in this time the patient has to go through their symtoms, previous visit details and medical history before the doctor even has a chance to make an informed diagnosis of their condition regardless of how trivial or critical it is.

As a patient how do you ensure that, whatever the situation regarding the surgery you attend or the doctor you see, you have the best chance of a correct diagnosis? You need to ensure that the doctor who is diagnosing you is FULLY AWARE of your medical history, what medications you take, what surgeries you have had, what doctors appointments you have had, what illnesses you have, what your lifestyle and family history is.

All these factors are important in ensuring a correct diagnosis. Some of this will be contained in your notes at the doctors but regardless of this it is common practice for patients to have to go through all this with the doctor or consultant at every visit.

A 999card contains all this information in an easily viewed summary sheet, able to be viewed on any pc without the need for specific software. Give a completed 999card to the doctor and he can scroll down your complete medical history in less than a minute, he can see the relevant information immediately without wasting any of the valuable appointment time. From this he has more time to ask further questions of the patient regarding their condition thereby increasing the liklihood of a correct diagnosis.

A 999card is an invaluable tool for anyone with a complicated medical history as well as anyone with a life threatening allery or condition. They are available for a simple one off cost and are kept updated by the card holder thereby ensuring their accuracy. They can be amended as often as required therefore ensuring that all the information is up to date.

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Protecting your personal information

As this card is designed for the information contained on it to be viewed easily by first responders and medical staff there are, quite rightly, a few concerns over personal information.

First and foremost this is a MEDICAL CARD and not an ID card, yes you need to identify the person who is holding the card but you do not have to put name, address, DOB etc, a first name, a contact number for next of kin and an age is the only personal ID information you need, all your medical history can then be included which is of no use to anyone but yourself.

You are the one who inputs the medical information on the card, the only medical info you give to 999card is the information you want printing on the front of the card, everything else is input and updated by yourself ensuring its accuracy.

The information can be backed up to your own computer not an outside database. if you lose the card then this backed up info can then be copied onto a new card, a lost card is of no use to anyone else as it is printed with the users conditions on the front.


What do you get?

When you buy a 999card you get the following.

A credit card sizes USB that is loaded with Excel based software. This software is a series of pages that the user completes with his or hers medical history. It ranges from personal info to allergies, medical conditions, medication taken, even lifestyle and family history. The user can fill in as much or as little as they wish, whatever information they complete is saved to a summary page. This summary page is converted to a pdf document which can be viewed by any medical personnel simply by inserting it into ANY laptop or computer.

The software can be updated as often as the user wishes, it can be saved onto the card as well as the users computer as backup, it can be password protected so nobody can change the information but via the pdf can be viewed easily by medical staff. If you are travelling abroad you can translate the information, load it on the card and then replace it with the English version when you return.

In addition to what is contained on the USB portion of the card the front of the card has space for 6 lines of the users choice, individually printed. This means they can put name, contact details as well as allergies and/or medical conditions which can be seen by first responders.

Each card comes with a sticker for the purse or wallet and key fob stating that the user carries a lifesaving 999card.

Any software updates will be provided free of charge, these will simply be emailed to you for you to load onto the card, the information stored already on the card will automatically be transferred to the new software.

There is space on the USB portion to store doctors letters, prescriptions etc, thereby ensuring you always have your medical history in case of emergency. This card really does speak for you if you can’t.

All this is for a one off fee of £25, there is no annual fee to store information as it is all stored and updated by the user.

The Dangers of Summer

Well summer now seems to be here at last (not sure for how long though). We all love the sun and warm temperatures, it makes us feel good. It makes us focus on enjoying it while it lasts, holidays, days out, long walks BBQ’s the list goes on!

For people who have allergies or medical conditions they too want to enjoy the pleasures of summer, however, this often takes them away from their normal environment. This is where problems can arise, its not just about remembering to carry their medical id with them or medications they require, its about being in new, unfamiliar places, its about enjoying themselves and maybe forgetting when their next medication has to be taken, its about being around other people who are not aware of their needs or requirements.

For these reasons and many others it is vitally important that people carry with them ALL their medical information. In case of emergency this is the time when you need to be sure that first responders and medical personnel are fully aware of your allergies and/or conditions.

A 999card allows you to carry all this in the most convenient way possible, in your purse or wallet which you carry with you at all times,  don’t leave anything to chance, make sure you carry one with you at all times.

How much does it cost to keep your medical information.

A comparison of costs:

Pre printed medical card – £7 to £10
Medical ID band/tag – £15 to £80
3rd party company to hold medical history – £25 per year

Ensuring first responders and medical personnel are aware of your medical condition can be an expensive business especially if you have a complicated medical condition.

You can own an individually printed 999card for just £25 which fulfils all the above at a much lower cost. In addition to this you can ensure the information on the card is accurate as well as up to date, as you can update the card whenever required.

A 999card is the obvious choice using up to date technology to improve the way you hold your vital medical information.

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Medical ID Bands – The Hidden Problem

If you suffer from an allergy or condition that is potentially life threatening it is imperative that first responders and medical staff are aware of your condition in case of an emergency. The key phrase here is in ‘case of emergency,’ for almost all people who suffer from such a condition they do not need emergency hospital treatment on a regular basis, hopefully never!

This, therefore, leads to a problem with medical id bands, jewellery etc. It is something they must put on every day, it is easily lost and as time goes on without the need for it it becomes lost or forgotten, a medical ID band is no help if it is left at home when you need it.

A medical ID band highlights the illness and or condition to those around you, this, in some cases is a good thing but in many others, especially younger wearers it just marks them out as being different when all they want to do is fit in! They don’t want to be treated differently from their peers they just want to be ‘normal.’

Parents with children who need a medical ID bracelet face a constant battle to ensure that their children wear it all the time, adults with busy lives sometimes don’t have the time to search for their band before rushing out to lead a normal life or decide that it wont really go with that special outfit so its left at home!

How can these problems be avoided? How can everyone ensure that they carry with them their medical information regardless of circumstances? How can you take your medical information with you wherever you go without a second thought? 

999card resolves all these problems and at the same time improves upon the standard medical ID bands. 999card is carried in your purse or wallet along with your other cards, it is the same size and shape as a credit card, it is printed with the carriers illnesses and or allergies as well as details of how first responders can access your complete medical history without the need for 3rd party input, a simple pdf reader, available on any pc, will allow the reader to view your medical information but not change it in any way.

You never leave home without your purse or wallet, a 999card is always carried with you without a second thought. Teenagers can carry all their medical id with them without a second thought and without the stigma of being ‘different.’

999card really is the easiest and best way to carry your medical information bar none!


Personal Medical Information, why we need to control it!

For most of us our lives are not affected by medical conditions, we can go about our daily life without having to consider what our normal mundane daily actions will affect our health or general well being. For and increasing number, however, this is what they have to live with, severe food allergies affect what, where and when they can eat, medical conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes restrict what we can and cant do, the list is endless but failure to take into account allergies or conditions could quite easily end up with and emergency hospital visit or worse!

Ensuring your critical allergies and/or conditions are immediately apparent in case of emergency is essential. Up till now medical id bands have ensured this information is available to first responders and medical staff. Increasingly, with today’s medical advances, there are more than one treatments available for various conditions and allergies, it is, in many cases, essential to be aware of which treatment the patient is undertaking before definitive treatment can begin. This is where 999cards benefits ensure that the medical staff treating the patient are completely up to date with the patients conditions and treatments.

Easily accessible software on the card which can be updated as often as necessary by the user or users physician gives extensive medical information as well as lifestyle choices, family history even down to over the counter medicines. All this will ensure that in case of emergency medical staff can base your treatment on completely up to date information.

It is a popular misconception that a persons medical information is immediately available at the push of a button. This is not the case, it can take a minimum of 3 working days to collate your medical information and this is only after you identity has been established, this delay could be vital in the outcome of your treatment.

A 999card cost only £25, £5 of this will be donated to the charity of the purchasers choice, A 999card really is the card that could save your life!