How it all started

I was visiting my Mum and Dad one Sunday and noticed a new medical id bracelet that my Dad was wearing! Now unfortunately my Dad has numerous medical issues and has allergies, different medical needs and has constantly changing medical requirements!

Despite this both he and my Mum are really quite upbeat about the situation and we were laughing that they could only fit a fraction of his medical issues on the bracelet. I enquired as to how the rest of his medical information could be accessed in case of emergency. The rest of his history is held on a central database that can be contacted in case of emergency, this service costs £25 per year, on top of the £65 for the bracelet, that in itself is ok but the main problem is the database needs to be updated whenever my Dads medical information changes. This has to be done via a fairly complex process in order to ensure the correct information is update.

Earlier that week i had been looking for novelty USB cards to sell in my sweet shop and had seen the USB cards in the shape of a standard credit card. I thought that given the correct software this would alleviate a couple of problems with current medical id on the market, firstly it can be easily carried around in a purse or wallet which unlike medical id bands are much more convenient plus the bands are not suitable for all occasions. secondly, and more importantly, the USB will easily store the total medical information of the user and this information can be updated simply by putting the card into a laptop and accessing the software. In addition to this the card can hold scans of prescriptions, doctors notes etc, all of which can be viewed by hospitals and first responders using only a pdf reader that is available on all laptops.

From this initial idea it has taken over 2 years to develop the software, website cards and printing before everything was ready to begin selling.


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