What it does

The new 999card is a new take on the standard medical id band which shows to first responders what allergies or conditions the patient may have that would impact on their treatment.

Where 999card differs is that the complete medical history of the patient id contained on the USB portion of the card and is carried around in a purse or wallet. Standard medical id bands will just say that the patient is diabetic or whatever condition they have, with todays increasingly complicated treatments and medicines it is vital to have all the information to hand immediately, 

Each card is individually printed according to the customers requirements, the conditions and allergies are printed clearly on the front of each card so if no card reader is immediately available the essential information is clearly visible just like a normal medical id band. Once inserted into a card reader or computer the full patient medical history then becomes available to medical staff.

Contrary to popular belief, if you are admitted as an emergency to hospital your medical information is not immediately available, it can take up to 4 days to obtain information from doctors and other medical institutions before your full medical information is available to those treating you.

For patients with constantly changing medical requirements the card can be updated by the patient or family member as often as required, no confidential information is held by any third party and the software can be password protected, this does not affect medical staff viewing your information as it is viewed on a pdf reader that simply shows the information you input onto the card software.

The new 999card combines the accessibility and convenience of normal medical id bands with the new technology available to ensure all essential information is immediately apparent to first responders.


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