Medical Mistakes

If you are constantly in and out of hospital, seeing different doctors and specialists the likelihood of mis-diagnosis or a medical mistake is, unfortunately, increased. Every time you see a new doctor you need to go over the same thing detailing symptoms, dates, etc etc etc. Your doctors diagnosis will take all this into account, if you miss something out through familiarity with the information this may result in a medical mistake and nobody wants that.

With the 999card you update your information as soon as it changes, prescriptions and dosages can be stored as soon as you get a new medication, doctors notes can be scanned onto the card, all this can then be carried with you in your purse or wallet, show the specialist this and he can diagnose your condition using the full information regarding your current treatment and medication.

999card is and insurance policy for you that you control and carry, it can be used in case of emergency or during your normal treatment. First responders and doctors need as much information about your condition in order to administer the correct treatment, 999card gives you this.


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