Medical ID Bands – The Hidden Problem

If you suffer from an allergy or condition that is potentially life threatening it is imperative that first responders and medical staff are aware of your condition in case of an emergency. The key phrase here is in ‘case of emergency,’ for almost all people who suffer from such a condition they do not need emergency hospital treatment on a regular basis, hopefully never!

This, therefore, leads to a problem with medical id bands, jewellery etc. It is something they must put on every day, it is easily lost and as time goes on without the need for it it becomes lost or forgotten, a medical ID band is no help if it is left at home when you need it.

A medical ID band highlights the illness and or condition to those around you, this, in some cases is a good thing but in many others, especially younger wearers it just marks them out as being different when all they want to do is fit in! They don’t want to be treated differently from their peers they just want to be ‘normal.’

Parents with children who need a medical ID bracelet face a constant battle to ensure that their children wear it all the time, adults with busy lives sometimes don’t have the time to search for their band before rushing out to lead a normal life or decide that it wont really go with that special outfit so its left at home!

How can these problems be avoided? How can everyone ensure that they carry with them their medical information regardless of circumstances? How can you take your medical information with you wherever you go without a second thought? 

999card resolves all these problems and at the same time improves upon the standard medical ID bands. 999card is carried in your purse or wallet along with your other cards, it is the same size and shape as a credit card, it is printed with the carriers illnesses and or allergies as well as details of how first responders can access your complete medical history without the need for 3rd party input, a simple pdf reader, available on any pc, will allow the reader to view your medical information but not change it in any way.

You never leave home without your purse or wallet, a 999card is always carried with you without a second thought. Teenagers can carry all their medical id with them without a second thought and without the stigma of being ‘different.’

999card really is the easiest and best way to carry your medical information bar none!



One thought on “Medical ID Bands – The Hidden Problem

  1. Shell says:

    this is brilliant, my daughter became type 1 diabetic aged 13 and struggled to come to terms with it, me buying her a bracelet and necklace (on different occasions) didnt go to well with her she felt she was being tagged “look i have a disease” so more often than not it was never worn, she wanted to be a “normal” teenager, this would of been so much easier for her to carry round in her bag, purse or pocket without drawing attention to her illness. now shes a young woman i still feel this without a doubt will be the best way to keep her “normal” lifestyle with the reasurance that if in an emergency all her details are with her,

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