What do you get?

When you buy a 999card you get the following.

A credit card sizes USB that is loaded with Excel based software. This software is a series of pages that the user completes with his or hers medical history. It ranges from personal info to allergies, medical conditions, medication taken, even lifestyle and family history. The user can fill in as much or as little as they wish, whatever information they complete is saved to a summary page. This summary page is converted to a pdf document which can be viewed by any medical personnel simply by inserting it into ANY laptop or computer.

The software can be updated as often as the user wishes, it can be saved onto the card as well as the users computer as backup, it can be password protected so nobody can change the information but via the pdf can be viewed easily by medical staff. If you are travelling abroad you can translate the information, load it on the card and then replace it with the English version when you return.

In addition to what is contained on the USB portion of the card the front of the card has space for 6 lines of the users choice, individually printed. This means they can put name, contact details as well as allergies and/or medical conditions which can be seen by first responders.

Each card comes with a sticker for the purse or wallet and key fob stating that the user carries a lifesaving 999card.

Any software updates will be provided free of charge, these will simply be emailed to you for you to load onto the card, the information stored already on the card will automatically be transferred to the new software.

There is space on the USB portion to store doctors letters, prescriptions etc, thereby ensuring you always have your medical history in case of emergency. This card really does speak for you if you can’t.

All this is for a one off fee of £25, there is no annual fee to store information as it is all stored and updated by the user.


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