Protecting your personal information

As this card is designed for the information contained on it to be viewed easily by first responders and medical staff there are, quite rightly, a few concerns over personal information.

First and foremost this is a MEDICAL CARD and not an ID card, yes you need to identify the person who is holding the card but you do not have to put name, address, DOB etc, a first name, a contact number for next of kin and an age is the only personal ID information you need, all your medical history can then be included which is of no use to anyone but yourself.

You are the one who inputs the medical information on the card, the only medical info you give to 999card is the information you want printing on the front of the card, everything else is input and updated by yourself ensuring its accuracy.

The information can be backed up to your own computer not an outside database. if you lose the card then this backed up info can then be copied onto a new card, a lost card is of no use to anyone else as it is printed with the users conditions on the front.



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