The Dangers of Summer

Well summer now seems to be here at last (not sure for how long though). We all love the sun and warm temperatures, it makes us feel good. It makes us focus on enjoying it while it lasts, holidays, days out, long walks BBQ’s the list goes on!

For people who have allergies or medical conditions they too want to enjoy the pleasures of summer, however, this often takes them away from their normal environment. This is where problems can arise, its not just about remembering to carry their medical id with them or medications they require, its about being in new, unfamiliar places, its about enjoying themselves and maybe forgetting when their next medication has to be taken, its about being around other people who are not aware of their needs or requirements.

For these reasons and many others it is vitally important that people carry with them ALL their medical information. In case of emergency this is the time when you need to be sure that first responders and medical personnel are fully aware of your allergies and/or conditions.

A 999card allows you to carry all this in the most convenient way possible, in your purse or wallet which you carry with you at all times, ┬ádon’t leave anything to chance, make sure you carry one with you at all times.